Slovak Gun Permit

In Slovakia you need a Zbrojný preukaz to own firearms (the exceptions being the single/double barrel percussion weapons, original antique firearms manufactured before 1891, flobert weapons (.22 BB/CB cap), and of course blank firing firearms).  This is called in English a gun permit.  A gun license in Slovakia (Zbrojná licencia) is something different, which is given for business activities around guns-- manufacturing, running a gun store, etc.  Unfortunately, to get a license for manufacturing you have to have several years of gun-smithing trade school.  Just one of the many professions in Slovakia with protective licensing requirements.

There are several categories of permits.  For carrying for self-defence, category A is needed.  Other categories include collecting, hunting, and sport-shooting.  It is a good idea to join a sport shooting club here.  Then you can get a sport-shooting license, which lets you purchase and own any sort of firearm.  Likewise, depending on the club, you will get either discounted access to a range or almost free access, and of course the opportunity to participate in sport shooting events-- which range from standing in line shooting at paper targets to the dynamic / combat shooting disciplines.

Up to date information in Slovak can be found on the website of the Slovak gun rights organization Legis Telum.

I have information about getting a gun permit, including a draft English translation of the questions for the gun permit exam.

If you are a foreigner with residency (permanent or temporary) in Slovakia and would like guidance on getting a gun license here, feel free to contact me.

My email address is my first name, lowercase, at the domain of this website.