Self defense and sanity in the UK

How many attacks have there been this year in the UK?  And last year? It is a bit hard to keep track, isn't it? Of course, it is well known that the UK has some of the strictest limitations (perhaps actually strictest) on firearms ownership in Europe.  So maybe if you know me, you'll be expecting that I write why the UK should right away allow civilians to own and also carry handguns.   But actually a much less drastic step should be taken.

Much of Europe carrying pepper spray is a legal option for self-defense.  One wonders at this point why it isn't so for the UK?  Certainly a shot of pepper spray to the eyes would make it much harder to carry out a knife attack, much harder to aim ones stab or slash at a vital point of the body.

Shouldn't the relatives of those dead in these attacks sue the UK government, for banning even non-lethal weapons?